What is an “Author Platform” and Why Do You Need One Now?

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Penelope‘s insight:

Take a little time out of your busy schedule today to head on over to Amazon and at the top of the page next to “Search” use the drop down arrow to look at the “Books” section, and then do the same again for “Kindle Store”. If you are a writer, and this does not convince you that you need an author platform, I don’t know what will!

There are thousands and thousands of books that are all vying for the reader’s attention. How are you, one person, going to grab the attention of the people that are your very own readers? After all, there are people in this world, “your tribe” (as Seth Godin calls them) that will clamour to read each and every single book you put out.

A few simple questions to ask yourself from “The Creative Penn” (thanks, Joanna) to get your promotional juices flowing.

1) Are you already FAMOUS? – Most of us are not Angelina Jolies (darn), so we must get the word out about our books. You may already be famous in some type of niche. Use your name in that niche to get the word out!

2) Do you have a SPEAKING platform? – This is a great way to get over shyness–ASAP! Think about all of your local Chamber of Commerces, Rotary Clubs, Women’s Business Networks. They are all looking for interesting speakers. You could even set up your own “event” at your local library and have it promoted by your local press.

3) At the very least, set yourself up a FACEBOOK page and a TWITTER account and get to posting and tweeting. Make sure to post a picture of yourself so your fans will see what you look like, and try to post pictures on your Facebook page when posting content. Nothing draws attention like a funny picture.


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