A Secret Site Chock-Full of Hungry Readers Begging to be Fed!



24 Million Readers Around the Globe are Waiting for You!

Riddle: Where Can You Find 24 Million Hungry Readers in search of Writers? Tweet this.

Answer: Wattpad.com

Many authors virtually ignore this site, while readers are beating their doors down. I’m as guilty as the rest. Readers need stories to read. We can, and should oblige them. We also should be developing our writer’s community to find our tribe of readers. This site is the perfect place to begin.

Authors need readers.

Readers need writers.

We can help each other.

A marriage made in heaven.

I attended a very informative webinar on Wednesday evening, sponsored by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This webinar featured Ashleigh Gardner, Head of Content of Publishing for Wattpad. She was a wealth of information and I couldn’t scribble fast enough.

This site could be an oasis for frustrated authors to find their avid fan base. Tweet this.

If you’re fed up with all the social media noise and feel like you’re alone in your quest for readers, check out Wattpad. I know the stats will blow you away, as they did me.

The Readers

  •  24 MILLION USERS on this site
  • They flock to the site to read.
  • 80% are on mobile phones and tablets
  • Most are reading with downloadable APP
  • ½  are using their web interface
  • 9:00 PM is the most popular time for reading
  • Older demographic – 40% in 18-30 age group
  • YA (Young Adult) – Core group of teens on site
  • The most popular books in the Philippines are read on Wattpad
  • Not everyone wants to publish
  • Readers turn into purchasers!

 The Writers

  • Self-publishers: Post a variety of writing
  • Collect raw data in real time
  • Keep mobile readers in mind as you are posting
  • ½ of writers are posting from mobile devices
  • Shorter chapters are more popular
  • Short book descriptions are more popular
  • Put a “call to action” at the end of each chapter (i.e., Come back next week for the next chapter! or visit (website)
  • Books are placed into a category (romance, sci-fi, etc.) for searching
  • Tag book with good themes and keywords
  • Genre fiction does really well.
  • Literary fiction does well
  • Writers can critique other stories in the forums
  • Create eye-catching “thumbnail” book covers 

Genres (Choose one and get started!)

Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Historical Fiction, Fan Fiction, Short Story, Chick-Lit, Vampire, Spiritual, Classics, Science Fiction, Humor, Mystery/Thriller, Adventure, Teen Fiction, Poetry, Non-Teen Fiction, Action, Werewolf, Non-Fiction, Other

 Advantages for Writers

  • Publishers have offered contracts to popular authors who have a following
  • *NEW Feature* Get feedback from “in-line” commenting on your work.
  • Built-in “critique” as you post your novel.
  • Your readers can talk right inside the story (how cool is that?)
  • Authors can feed off those comments and edit the story
  • Instantaneous feedback to see what appeals and what doesn’t
  • Audience provides motivation boost to the author.
  • Authors don’t want to disappoint readers, so they show up with new material
  • Readers cannot copy or paste or download chapters, so work is protected.
  • Wattpad sends out 2.5 million push notifications each day!
    Where can you get that much free publicity each and every day for your work?

How Authors Can Get Started

There are only a few things for newcomers to keep in mind when getting started with Wattpad. It’s simple.

  • Find new people
  • Follow them
  • Read their book chapters
  • Scan community message board
  • Get involved and post a chapter
  • Look for similar stories to yours
  • Link up with other authors

Tips & Tricks 

  • Don’t post as an island.
  • Go “native.”
  • Cross promote.
  • Let people know you’re there.
  • Your Audience has an audience

Fun Facts

Beth Reekles, 17, is an author on the site. The then-15-year-old used story-sharing site Wattpad to release her novel, The Kissing Booth, which earned more than 19 million views and caught the attention of Random House Children’s Publishers U.K. She was named Times Magazine most influencial teenager. Famous Authors Margaret Atwood, Amanda Hocking, and Paulo Coelho have profiles on the site. They may share deleted scenes, short stories, or entire stories with their fans.

INSIDER TIP: Dedicate your work to a high profile user and it will appear on their page. Wattpad makes it super easy to get started. Click on over to Wattpad, set up your user profile and password. Start browsing around to get a feel for the site. Post some short stories or parts of your exciting and suspenseful novel, and watch your community grow! Oh, and start out by connecting with me http://Wattpad.com/PenelopeSilvers and share your comments as I post my novel. I would really appreciate the feedback.

What are your feelings about using a story-sharing site such as Wattpad? Does it excite you or scare you?

 Leave me a comment and let me know!


Penelope Silvers is founder of PhilosBooks.com,
where “Independent Authors are introduced to the World!”
She is a freelance writer, publisher, and radio host of
Penelope’s Book Chat on Blog Talk Radio.


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11 Responses to A Secret Site Chock-Full of Hungry Readers Begging to be Fed!

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  2. Hi Penelope,

    This sounds really interesting. Is this a good site for books already published with a publisher, or more a critique site for books not yet published?

    Thanks for finding it!


    • Penelope

      Hi Micki,

      Great question! I went to the Wattpad Terms of Use and pulled this one out:

      Under #6 D. In connection with User Submissions, you further agree that you will not submit material that is copyrighted, protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from their rightful owner and the necessary consents from any individuals whose personally identifiable information is contained in such material to post the material and to grant Wattpad.com all of the license rights granted herein.

      So if you own the rights to your own material, you can post all day. If the publisher holds the rights, you would probably have to get their permission to post excerpts. I will ask the question of them and post Wattpad’s response. In the meantime, to be safe, post new stories you are working on or short stories, and network to find new readers of those stories that will search out your previously published book. Hope that helps!

  3. I had never heard of this site and had a quick look. It appears to be mainly for fiction, is that right?

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Penelope

      Hi Henneke! I think the bulk of the readers do head there for fiction, but there is also a large section for non-fiction. I just followed an author who had a book entitled, “Crafting Your Best Story.” The genres are wide and varied, from werewolves, vampires, and chick-lit, to poetry, romance and spiritual. Whatever you can imagine can be posted there. It’s just a matter of: “Do I want to share this with the world as I am creating?” or “Do I want to hold it back until it is published?” It is truly a matter of choice. You can build a large fan base by giving stuff away. I appreciate the comment. I believe I will insert the genres into the post. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks Penelope for going more in detail than our convo in 140 characters or less ;). I appreciate the info. It has been helpful in answering my questions. I am digesting the material. I will let you know if/when I have any other questions. Good luck with your writing. 🙂

    • Penelope

      You are welcome, Liz! Yes, it’s hard to go into a lot of detail in 140 characters or less! 😉 I’m happy the information was helpful to you. I was surprised by how powerful this little known site actually is. I will be using it this year. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. You are most welcome. Thanks again. 🙂

    Another site that you may be interested in is Pubslush http://www.pubslush.com/ . It’s a crowdfunding site specifically for authors.

    You display your book while raising $$$, then when you reach your goal, you can sell your books there. They also offer other services with publishers and partners to help get your book published as well as joining /creating communities to help eliminate illiteracy. Check the site out. They’re also on FB, twitter, G+ and LinkedIn.


    • Penelope

      Thanks for the heads up about Pubslush! I have been researching the site today, and what a fantastic resource for authors! Appreciate you sharing, Liz.

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