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This article talks about 7 Tips on How to Use Twitter for Product Promotion.


Penelope‘s insight:

Social Media is key in promoting your books. As an author, we would just love to sit in our little writing dens, just pouring our thoughts out onto the page, but it takes more than that in this new age.

 7 Quick Tips will give you some insight on how you can use the powerful features of Twitter to promote your books. People want to get to know you, the author, and want to hear what you have to say–even if it is only 140 characters!

 1) Start with Your Name   (think of a name that represents you or your products, which would be your books)

2) Stay active tweeting   (not weekly, but daily)

3) Link your accounts   (link to other social media and RSS feeds)

4) Become a resource and teach!   (people want to learn–not just be sold to)

5) Listen and respond   (people like to interact and feel they are important)

6) Be direct  (share facts, ask questions, link to website)

7) Make special offers  (twitter users love contests–tell them when your books go FREE!)

 Use twitter generously, teach, engage, respond, don’t abuse and you will see major upticks in your book sales. Guaranteed!


*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Ebook Promotion and Marketing”*****

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