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Be Positive: Why Your Social Media Persona Really Does Matter

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Be Positive: Why Your Social Media Persona Really Does Matter, part of the Be Positive series by Peg Fitzpatrick

Penelope‘s insight: 

This post really resonates with me, as I believe everything we we want to accomplish in this life is enhanced by RELATIONSHIP BUILDING–no matter where it happens. 

As an author, you need to be concerned with how you come across with your readers on each of your social media platforms. 

When readers search you out do you come across as postive, interesting, and helpful? It really doesn’t take much to interact with your readers. Come out of your shells and talk to them. They are people just like you.

Just make sure you do it with a SMILE!  😀


*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Ebook Promotion and Marketing”*****

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Blinded by Good Intentions – Steve White

This is a story about redemption. If you find yourself wondering how to handle all the crazy things that life throws at you, this is the book for you.

A great new book is now available. The book is “Blinded by Good Intentions” written by author Steve White, and published by Winepress Publishing. It will be available on Winepressbooks.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all digital formats: Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iPad (available through iTunes), and Standard ePub Format.

I had the privilege of being granted a pre-release copy. What follows is my review:

Steve White was a husband, father, and corporate trainer for a national company. He thought he had life by the tail. He had all the trappings of success, but not the peace inside his heart to go along with it. He really had good intentions in everything he did, and he believed this was all it took. But he was wrong.

His early life was a mess. His mother took out her internal rage on Steve and his younger brother and came close to killing them, and his father left them. His mother’s rage then transferred to Steve. He carried this rage inside of himself as he grew from a boy to a man. Of course, this caused problems in his personal life and then transferred again to all of his relationships. His wife, his daughter, his son. The relationships with each of them was a tangled mess. His son, especially, turned to a destructive lifestyle, and almost did not make it out alive.

went through the majority of his life lashing out, raging, and basically alienating all the people around him. He didn’t know what the problem was, but thought it was everybody else. He could not have been at fault, could he? He did believe so at the time. Not until he found the love that is available to all of mankind, did he truly learn how to love himself and his family.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is written in a format which should appeal to most people. The writing style is easy to relate to, but the content might be disturbing to some people. Sometimes, it feels like Steve is really underwater, and will never surface. Most people would crumble under the pressure. This is a story that feels like there could never be a good ending. Suffice it to say, Steve went around the block and back. He knows what he is talking about from personal experience. Everyone should read this book–young and old alike. This book could be the life preserver that you have been looking for–it’s ready to be thrown out to save you. Will you grab on?


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