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Writers are On a Journey – Everything in Life is a Lesson


A writer’s life is akin to taking a journey.

Guaranteed, the journey is going to be a long and winding road.

It is sometimes an arduous trek.

As we are writing, we learn, we mature, and we transform—sometimes at a feverish pace. This can be an extremely painful process as we are pushing hard to attain the goals we have set for ourselves and our writing. I believe, as writers, we learn more about who we really are, than through any other path. Writing can be very therapeutic and cathartic if a person has lived through very traumatic life situations. Personally, I find that as I write, I can work through serious life questions I am seeking and be rewarded with answers that I would not otherwise find.

The other night, I dreamt about mountains.

These were no ordinary mountains.

They were vivid blue and white with peaks so tall, pointy, and sheer that no one could even attempt to scale them. They resembled some of those magnificent cathedrals in Europe with spires that go on and on forever. I awoke, amazed at the picture still vivid in my memory and the analogy that came to my mind:

“Everything in life is a lesson.”

Our writing goals are our mountains.

The peaks are what we aspire to reach.

Of course, before we reach the peaks, we must all start at the bottom.

All of us must.

You, me, and everyone in the entire world since the beginning of time, who have already attained what they aspired to.

We stand on the prairie at the bottom, at the foot of the mountain, craning our neck, shielding our eyes from the sun, and squint as we try to make out the peaks hidden in the clouds.

They seem so far away, don’t they?

Almost unattainable and unreachable.

Especially when those peaks cannot be seen by human eyes.

We wonder, can we really do this?

Ah, but that is where the faith part comes in. Faith in our abilities, our writing, our stubbornness, and our persistence to push through at all odds. We must have faith that if God has given us this desire, this unquenching fire of a desire in our bellies to write and write and not stop, then we must have faith that the lessons He is trying to teach us, are in the process of the writing.

We slowly begin to climb our mountain, taking tiny, tentative steps.

As we scale the face, struggling to reach the top, each step is a lesson learned.

When we strain and grunt and groan on our way up, we keep on learning, stretching and growing. It’s difficult at times, but not impossible. Sometimes, we pause to wipe the sweat off our brow and may feel like quitting. Once we finally reach the peak of that mountain, we breathe a sigh of relief that we are home free—the lesson has been learned–but they are far from over.

Again, Everything is a lesson.

In a writer’s life there will be many more lessons to learn and more mountains to climb.

Hold your writing close to your breast, breathe a prayer of thanks for the gift that you have been blessed with, and open wide your eyes to the lessons you have been taught…

and to the lessons still waiting to be learned.

Leave a comment and let me know what kinds of lessons you have learned on your writer’s journey! I love to hear from other writers.

Penelope Silvers is founder of PhilosBooks.com,
where “Independent Authors are introduced to the World!”
She is a freelance writer, publisher, and radio host of
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My Books, My Friends.

I remember reading my Nancy Drew books when I was a teen. I would hole myself up in my room to savor and then devour them. The feeling that came over me when I held the “Secret of the Old Clock” in my hands was like anticipation of the first bite of a german chocolate cupcake with coconuty icing. Yum.

Reading was addicting.

I couldn’t wait to dig into a new book. I looked forward to the time I could shut my door, curl up on my bed, and shut out the world. I wanted to be drawn into the world of Nancy, Bess, George and Ned. They were now my friends. My comrades. I was solving the mystery right along with them!

Much of the fun of reading these books came from thinking through the clues and the mysteries, “I bet it was old man Thomas that stole the clock”, or “The maid was the only one who could have known about this…” or “That sneaky gardener sure acts like he is guilty…” The clues would pile up, and I would already be forming a picture of the culprit in my mind, but sometimes the picture would change several times before the book ended.

I always loved endings with a twist. Ones that made me say, “Wow! I would never have come up with that angle!” I loathe books which are predictable and scattered with not very likeable characters. I feel like I am wasting precious time with them. I adore the twists and turns that make my gut clench with that feeling of anxiety. I agonize and experience injustice right along with the protagonist, and love to root for the killer or villain to come to justice.

Shouldn’t justice prevail?

Sometimes the hero first has to slog his or her way through loss, pain, scorn, multiple battles, rage and downright injustice, but they should always win out in the end. Books take me to another world, another place, another time. New friends are celebrated, enemies despised, heroes rooted for, continents traversed, love savored, loss mourned, and redemption cheered.

My friends. Books.

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