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Time Travel to Ancient Rome

by Francine Rivers

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I am not big on historical fiction, but when I began reading Francine Rivers’ epic novel of love in ancient Rome between a weathy Roman and his sister’s slave–I was hooked! This is the first part of a three part triology. Rivers’ thorough research of this time in history will have you right there in the dingy underbelly of the coliseum alongside the slaves and the lions, and you will experience their fear as they are led to their slaughter. She then transports you into the inner sanctums “larariums” or “bibliothecas” of the wealthy Romans. You will taste the disgustingly rich foods (pig’s teats) that the Romans gorge themselves on. You will be transported back to a time that we have only read about in history books, but in these books you will live it, and you will learn the actual Latin words that they spoke. You will find yourself touched in your soul as you close the last page.

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