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Scrap the Resolutions —Pick One Word for 2014

One Word 2014 - PhilosBooks

What will your ONE word be for 2014?

It’s the New Year

Does this sound familiar?

Oh no! It’s January 1, Fill in the blank year.

Anxiety ensues.

Stress hormones release.

Brain engages.

Thoughts of living life anew and with zest begin their yearly torment of zipping, zigging and zagging around in your head like a boomerang.

Thoughts such as:

 “Time’s a’wastin. I must sit down now with my notebook and write down all my dreams and goals for the new year.”

“I’ll just write them all down in my big ‘ole book here, rub it three times, believe on them, and they will manifest themselves. Okay, here goes: I must lose weight, run a marathon, learn to cook, learn to invest, plant a garden, eat organic, stop drinking sodas, buy a house, write a book, start a website, get a dog, get a cat, save the whales, clean out the garage, clean out the house, clean out the junk drawer…..”

Oh, don’t forget to make sure that (according to fill in the blank expert):

“Each goal has its own page.”

“Break down each of the goals into smaller tasks.”

“Figure out how many days each will take to reach.”

“Break it down into hours, minutes, seconds.”

“Set a start date.”

“Set a finish date.”

“Work in tiny increments toward said goal.”


Or Not.

Let’s stop the madness!

Why do we all do the same things every year?

We’re all on the New Year’s resolution hamster wheel. Tweet this. 

Year in and year out we make resolutions that never get completed.

We get discouraged and give up.

What if we did something different this year?

I read a post recently that really resonated with me. That is, forget the resolutions but pick just one word that will define your new year and live by that word. We’re not talking losing weight and learning to cook.

This is a word that will give you peace, not angst.

Here is the original article, “What is my One Word?” By Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen

Read the article here.

My One Word

I decided on my word. ABIDE.


My husband, Ron, had a massive stroke in November. After almost two months things are finally calming down just a bit where I can take a breath. Know what I learned?

I don’t control much of anything.

You don’t either.

We think we do.

We go along swimmingly until a major health or financial crises makes us halt in our tracks and in anguish cry out, “Why? Why did this happen to me? I was doing everything right. God, I thought you were taking care of me—us! What did I do wrong?”

I need rest now.

I need rest for the rest of this year.

And beyond.


Abiding will allow me to rest in the fact that I know my heavenly Father loves me and wants the best for me.

I will rest in that fact.

I will control what I can, and let go of the rest.

He is taking care of Ron—and me.

The Dark Days

In the hospital, the team of doctors swarmed around and in low tones had a serious talk with me. The head neurosurgeon told me that Ron had more clots that were breaking off and if they didn’t give him a blood thinner, he would have another stroke. That could prove fatal. I had to make several life and death decisions within just a week’s time.

When things were touch and go for a couple of days, I prayed for God to bring my husband back to me. He honored that request. We are home and things are definitely different now. We are living a completely new life with a completely new daily agenda.

My major thoughts are not with writing and jumping on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. My main thoughts are now taking care of him and making sure that he eats properly, takes his medication on time, and works his brain every day to help him with his Aphasia.

If you don’t know what Wernicke’s Aphasia is, here is a very touching three minute video that sets me to crying every time I watch.

Aphasia Video by Marc Black


Along with my one word, here are my new “resolutions” for 2014:

  • I will give myself grace. I am human and I fail frequently.
  • I will devote my energy to the things that matter. I only have so much energy.
  • I will give my all to the important people in my life. People matter.
  • I will give all my love and energy to my husband as I don’t know how long we will be together on this earth. Love is free. Love matters.
  • I will contact the ones I love and tell them so. Relationships matter.

Job 23:10 When He has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

If you could pick just one word for the new year, what would your one word be?   Pick a word that brings you peace—not anxiety.

 Leave me a comment and let me know!


Penelope Silvers is founder of PhilosBooks.com,
where “Independent Authors are introduced to the World!”
She is a freelance writer, publisher, and radio host of
Penelope’s Book Chat on Blog Talk Radio.




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