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Daniel – Christian Bible Study

Daniel: Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy - Member BookDaniel: Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy – Member Book by Beth Moore

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This book was used as part of a small group Bible study, and I really wasn’t quite sure I would like it. After all, Daniel is a book in the Old Testament, and I figured it was going to be pretty dry. Was I ever surprised! Once we dug in, I was actually looking forward to the study each week. The book was used in conjunction with a DVD featuring Beth Moore. She did a great job of helping us pronounce names such as “Jehoiakim” king of Judah, “Hananiah”, “Belteshazzar” or “King Nebuchadnezzar”. The video also took us on a guided tour back in time–showcasing actual historical landmarks in Israel that were discussed in the book. The book of Daniel is a wonderful historical study. I soaked up the history lessons, as we also discussed a life of sacrifice–and what that means to our modern day lives. Very interesting, informative and life-changing.

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