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Tips for Book Cover Designs

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Eye catching book covers -not only draw the attention of buyers in book stores, to come by and flick through their pages; but often, prompts them to buy these as well! “Studies have shown that bookstore browsers take ten to twenty seconds on average to decide whether to purchase or reshelve a book. That’s not a lot of time to grab a reader’s attention with sparkling wit and singing prose,” declares the website divinecaroline.com.

 Our first impression of anything is based on how it looks, and the same applies to ‘book covers’ as well! The important thing to note here, is – that where marketing books is concerned-a book cover design, acts like an ‘advertisement.’ People frequenting bookstores; look at book covers with the assumption -that they have been designed to convey the soul of the story! Not keeping this in mind, when creating a book cover design- would mean losing out on a fantastic opportunity to reach out and sell, to target markets!  To be able to do so, however, a book cover design needs to be just right. Given below, are some time-tested tips that help make a book cover design saleable!

Book Cover Design Tips

Do Your Homework on Book Cover Design Elements in Genres Similar to Yours

“If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea for your cover, it may be a good idea to do some research. Go to a bookstore and examine books of the same genre. This can give you some ideas or suggestions” for your own book cover design, advises Author House.

Use Your Book Cover Design to Convey ‘What Your Book is About’

‘Being clear on what you want to convey through your book cover design is vital,’ believes, ‘thebookdesigner.com.’ “Your book is about something, and the cover ought to reflect that one idea clearly. One element that takes control, that commands the overwhelming majority of attention, of space, of emphasis on the cover…At a glance your prospect ought to know; the genre of your book, the general subject matter or focus, and some idea of the tone or “ambiance” of the book,” it suggests.

You Book Cover Design Must Evoke Curiosity

Independent author -Jan Bear, believes that, a good book cover design is one- that arouses the curiosity in book buyers and readers!  “A good book cover sets up a problem so powerful that your brain won’t let go of it until it knows the solution. That hint of a story will get a reader to open the book and find out if the author really answers the question posed on the cover,” she states on marketyourbookblog.com. In her opinion, in order to succeed, your book cover design- must focus on ‘connecting with your audience; capturing the mood of the story; conveying the type of story; and, assuring the buyer that your book is the work of a professional.’

Pay Attention to the ‘Front and Back Covers’ and the ‘Spine’ of Your Book

When going in for a book cover design, pay attention to the ‘front cover,’ ‘back cover’ and ‘the spine,’ of your book-suggests ‘divinecaroline.com.’ “Fonts are another consideration; a well-designed book cover will use several,” it notes, adding: “The front cover gets your attention, but the back cover sells a book.”

The website, goes on to highlight a lesser known fact- “Something many readers don’t realize is that bookstore real estate is purchased, just like in the supermarket. Books don’t randomly end up with the front cover facing out or on an endcap at the beginning of an aisle. Placement on a table at the front of the store during holidays can cost a publisher in the tens of thousands of dollars. If a publisher is not willing to eat into the marketing budget for placement, a book may languish spine by spine with the rest of the books on the shelves. This makes spine design almost as important as the rest of the cover’s.”

Be Aware of the Technicalities Involved in Book Cover Design

“There are a few technical guidelines to keep in mind” when it comes to your book cover design, cautions ‘Author House.’ “The first is to be aware of copyright issues when submitting images for your cover. It is also important that your images be high resolution. Resolution refers to the crispness or quality of focus in your images. Cover images must have a resolution of no less than 300 PPI or DPI. In addition, they must be a size suitable for their intended use,” it finishes.

This article was written by Meredith Lewis, who trains writers on marketing their books creatively and also conducts book cover design workshops.

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15 Common Grammar Mistakes – Writing and Editing

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Penelope‘s insight:

This fun and informative infographic sums up several of my pet peeves. If you are going to write–then please learn proper grammar! When I am reading and encounter glaring grammatical errors, I just close up the book and put it away.

 It does take some practice, but this very important part of writing can be accomplished. If I see one more YOUR for YOU’RE or  IT’S for ITS, I think I will just scream!

This graphic can be printed out and tacked up on your wall for easy viewing and consulting while writing. Enjoy!

***This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Writing Rightly”***

 Link to the original infographic: http://writerswrite1.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/15-common-grammar-mistakes/


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Writers’ Tip of the Day: Goodreads for Authors

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Goodreads now has 15 million members and the New York Times recently wrote that it is rivalling Amazon for new book discoverability.


Penelope‘s insight:


Every single published author needs to set up an account on GoodReads. First set up an account as a user and get used to navigating the site. Then, set up your author account. There are millions of hungry book readers that are perusing the site daily to find their next great read. Goodreads loves authors and has a myriad of tools available them. You can for instance:

1) Set up your author PROFILE – Post your pic, bio, books, social media sites, and link in your blog and twitter to post your feeds.

2) Goodreads allows book GIVEAWAYS – You must have a print version of your book–but it can be well worth it. Goodreads allows you to run contests for giveaways of your books. You can amass thousands of new fans this way.

3) Join several GROUPS – You can join groups for like-minded people, and promote your book with the groups. Make sure to read their rules for promotion.

 Even if you have published an e-book only, you can still list it on your author profile, and promote it within your groups.

 *****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Ebook Promotion and Marketing”*****

 Link to the original article: http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2013/10121/17-types-of-content-that-google-will-eat-up?adref=nl021813

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Why Women in Their 30s are Winning at Writing Successful eBooks | Womens Digital Online Magazine | VIVMag

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Why Women in Their 30s are Winning at Writing Successful eBooks


Penelope‘s insight:


This post is mainly directed at women (but men are allowed to read, too!). The meteoric rise of E.L. James and the “50 Shades of Mega Dollars” has caused everyone to sit up and take notice.

What once was an industry dominated by mega publishing houses and powerhouse male thrillers, now has seemed to split wide open and beckoned women to come on in. According to the author, there are 3 reasons why:

1) We have the TECHNOLOGY – Anybody can write an e-book, but marketing it is altogether different, and a highly specific skill.

2) We have the MOTIVATION – Women are looking for ways to supplement their family’s income in this stretched society. When we want to learn how to do something, we put our all into figuring it out.

3) We have the GUTS – You had better have good content, or your efforts are dead in the water. With all the competition out there at Amazon, and the other digital marketplaces, you need to stand out! Women have instinct, and it serves us well in this arena.

I do agree with the author that the “50 Shades” are racy, but I do not agree that they are magnetic. I could hardly finish the first book, and the anemic content definitely did not lead me to want to read the second. This proves the point that magnetic marketing can carry even the worst book to the heights of greatness.


*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Writing for Kindle”*****

 Link to the original article: http://vivmag.com/why-women-in-their-30s-are-winning-at-writing-successful-ebooks

See on vivmag.com

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21 Warning Signs You’re Becoming a Social Media Snob

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Ever think you might be starting to take social media a little too seriously? Sure, it started out innocently enough….

Penelope‘s insight:


How about a little funny for your Monday? 😀

Social Media should be used for what it was intended for, namely as a TOOL to reach out to your readers. That’s it!

This article is a funny and quirky take on what has most likely become a serious problem. That is, when we take ourselves too seriously as authors and become social media snobs.

Check yourself if you:

 1) start counting your retweets. uh oh, or

2) you share quotes just to get a little attention! -Albert Einstein, or

3) you refuse to send out tweets about your books because that would be beneath you!

Read the article and have a chuckle, but adjust your thinking if you find yourself slipping into tweeting snobbery. Oh, have a great #Monday! 😉


*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Ebook Promotion and Marketing”*****

Link to the original article: http://www.copyblogger.com/social-media-snob/


See on www.copyblogger.com

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Bookstore Survival: Can we help?

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Joanna’s Morning Links post today included a link to a Mike Shatzkin article about the future of Barnes & Noble.”

Penelope‘s insight: 

Is the lesson of: “Price your books cheaply” that we have learned from Amazon, going to contribute to the further demise of bookstores as we know them?W

hat does this mean for publishers, authors and major retail booksellers? We’ve already seen Borders book stores shut down. Is it because they can’t compete with the .99 cent ebooks provided by Amazon?

It will be very telling in the next few years if there are more casualties of brick-and-mortar stores. We still need quality places to meet and read those books–whether printed or digital.

 *****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Writing for Kindle”*****

 Link to the original article: http://www.teleread.com/books/bookstore-survival-can-we-help



See on www.teleread.com

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Are You a Writer? | Copyblogger

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Can you write? Then you can be a Kindle writer. People have wanted stories since they were painting them inside their caves.  This desire is what’s kept The Illiad and The Odyssey alive for so long.  And it isn’t just belief in God that keeps the Bible breathing.
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5 Tips for Beginning Kindle Book Authors/Publishers | AmyHarrop.com

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Want to get started publishing your work to the Kindle? Here’s 5 tips for beginning Kindle Book Authors/Publisher.
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