Roman Time Travel – Second in the Trilogy

by Francine Rivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Take a stroll through the “peristyle” and into the “triclinium”. Bathe in the “tepidarium” and take a sip of some “posca”. You will be swept away into the world of Marcus, Phoebe, Julia, and Hadassah. You will experience as the wealthy Romans did, a time of headiness and opulence–or a world of pain and fear–as experienced by the Jewish slaves and catamites. In many ways, their world was like ours today, and in other ways, very different. Francine Rivers weaves a tale that not only entertains but enlightens–as you read and absorb the ancient language of Latin. These historical fiction accounts of ancient Rome are hard to put down, and I found myself reading deep into the night.

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