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Penelope‘s insight:

When Richard Branson speaks, multitudes of people listen. An article on “7 Secrets to using social media” from the CEO of Virgin? I could not resist peeking at the article to see what Richard does that might help authors in their ebook promotion.

Here’s a tiny taste of his “7 Secrets” to social media stardom:

1) He’s actually ON social media (He wants to communicate)

2) He tweets HIMSELF (he actually enjoys it)

3) He ASKS questions (people want to be heard)

4) He ANSWERS questions (his followers love him for it)

5) He TRAINS employees to be socially savvy

6) He relishes new OPPORTUNITIES (he’s adventurous)

7) He lives by the mantra ” Be AUTHENTIC and ORGANIC.”

The lessons to be learned from this? Your readers want to hear from YOU! They want to know your struggles, your joys, your fears, your successes, your failures. It truly does not take that much time if you incorporate a little time for communication into your day. Find ways to be a socially savvy author and find your fans!

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