In January 2012 launched into the radio medium for the purpose of helping promote independent authors and their books. Penelope Silvers, author and founder decided to take on the task of interviewing these authors.

Under the hand of Marketing Director Hayden Whitley, who had spent many years of radio production, interviewing, editing, writing, copy writing, commercials and voiceovers, became the producer of Penelope’s Book Chat with a worldwide outreach on Philosbooks own radio station on

Keeping with the sole purpose of promoting independent publishing and authors, Penelope’s Book Chat is now heard and listened to by thousands weekly. Guest’s interviews delve into the person, who they are, the why they have come about becoming a writer and the publishing of their own works. The program provides insights into great moments that became clear to the authors that nothing was going to stop them from publishing their works. The worldwide public can now have an opportunity to read what these authors have written as they get introduced by Penelope on their one hour weekly show. Make certain to learn about theses authors and keep in touch with them by clicking into the  page at Philosbooks.




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