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Penelope Silvers


The Journey continues with the newest release ….

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Penelope Silvers

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What is it like to not only have extra weight that slows you down, but keeps you from being the happy person you really are inside? What happens when you come face to face with who you really are and must say to yourself–It is time to get back in shape, because it’s not getting any easier to lose as age is quickly setting in. What do you do when your mate needs to get in shape as well and the influences of fast food drives your existence? Or better yet–what if you are going through perimenopause, knowing it is becoming even more difficult to control your body to metabolize the foods you are eating, even when you try to do it right?

Feel like giving up? Should you try it once again? You’ve dieted before with so many promises of weight lost…but you are still fighting the clock of time! EXERCISE…are you kidding? Who has a couple hours per day to workout, do well to find the time to drive to the gym and get it done?

Penelope had all these questions and many others she had to answer, but something triggered her to take a new look at a different way. How could she get to better health, eat better, exercise sensibly and move the scales to a lower number?

Her journey is probably similar to the one you’ve had, or are on presently. Penelope takes the first step–realizing there is a very common sense approach to lose the weight and get back in shape. The help comes from one of America’s best known weight loss personal trainers. Her advice and exercise program brings not only new hope, but lasting results.

If you, too, have been struggling with a seesaw body on the scale, then take the time to read Penelope’s journey to better health. The weight loss, body toning, and sensible-food approach she began, continues to move her towards the goals of better health and beating the menopause of life.

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Penelope Silvers

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Penelope has taken time in her writing to share not only ideas, but the actual information and real life experience of going through perimeonpause. Information like this is invaluable both to women and their MEN.

Changes are difficult enough in life without your body’s alarms going off at the same time. No, you aren’t going crazy…it’s your body making its changes for your retirement days, so you can enjoy them. This book doesn’t have just ideas, but real life experiences and helps you rise above those changes that you are going through– or will be going through. A great value for your well being.

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