How to Use Social Media Marketing For Your B2B Marketing

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Penelope‘s insight:

 This is a very short article that stresses the importance of social media for your marketing. If you are an author and marketing yourself and your books, before you dip your toe into the social media water, at the very least you need your very own website or blog.

 Many people become paralyzed when thinking of setting up a website or blog. If this describes you, the simplest way to start out is with FREE. Go to or and set yourself up a free one to get started. Once you get the hang of it, you can always move the information over to a paid doman of your choosing.

 Both of these sites make it extremely easy to get started. You just need to fill out a simple form with your e-mail and user name, and the name you choose for your blog.  If you can get a blog in your author name, do it! You can always add in numbers if the name is not available. Only lower case letters and numbers are allowed. Another option would be to type in your name with the word “Author” at the end.

 So, if you are at and looking for a name for your blog, try this:, -OR- – OR-, -OR-

You should be able to find an available name with those 4 choices. At wordpress, if you don’t want the at the end, you have choices to purchase the .com, .net, .me, or .org extensions. Your .com would be the best, and it is only $18/year.

 If you still scared about setting it up yourself, head on over to There and many talented individuals over at that wonderful outsourcing site that will set you up your very own site for $5! A modest investment that will heap huge rewards.


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