How to Avoid Losing Social Media Followers

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How to Avoid Losing Social Media Followers 

Penelope‘s insight:

Are your followers “stuffed” from overconsumption of your Tweets and Facebook posts?  There is something to the old adage, “too much of a good thing……”

 If you are losing followers and not sure why, think about how much you are feeding them at the social media table. Is it always “BUY MY BOOK!” “CHECK OUT MY BOOK!” “READ MY BOOK!” Are you doling out tiny bites of delectable morsels, or force feeding them globs of unsavory mash?

 Interesting article on this subject, and these points sum it up:

 1) What type of CONTENT am I posting? – Is it newsworthy, thought-provoking or refurbished?

 2) How OFTEN am I posting? – More tweeting does not endear your to your followers. Let your guests savor what you do post. Make sure you are only bringing out the best.

 3) Is my Social Media limited to ONE SITE? – Take a look at the different social media possibilities other than Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest is my new favorite. Also check out LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

 Invite your followers to your social media table, bring out the appetizers, and the salads, but don’t gorge them on your main course.


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