Dip into the Writing Well of your Bliss, Passions, and Talents


Find Your Bliss and Never Run Out of Writing Topics!

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”  – Dale Carnegie


Follow your bliss; have fun in your work; do what you love, and find your joy.

My dictionary defines the word bliss as: “Extreme happiness, ecstasy and serene joy.”

I have been pondering following your bliss, and how this applies to authors. I believe if you are doing things you love (work, hobbies, family, travel, volunteering), you will always have material to write about.


Do you have a hobby you can write about?

You will love your writing.

Others will also fall in love with your words.

I wrote an earlier blog post about painting and finding the joy it brought to me.


How often do we experience this blessing? You can find this post here. I’m not admitting to painting masterpieces; I just noticed my garden figurines were looking a bit on the shabby side.

I wanted to make them beautiful again.

Give them new life.

Just this week when a neighbor needed help in selling their house, I again picked up the paintbrush. This time, to paint signs. Signs? Yep. Signs using stencils and paints.

Oh joy!


Painting “For Sale” signs can be Bliss, too!

Sounds kind of kindergartenish, doesn’t it? It was eye-opening to me. I found that I was in that zone again.

The “bliss” zone.

The zone you find yourself in automatically when you are experiencing sheer joy and everything flows.

I have found that painting brings me joy.

I am a child.

Give me paints and a blank piece of paper and I will be quiet for hours.

I am writing this blog post to avoid a necessary evil. That something does not bring me bliss but is an evil necessity: editing my first romance novel. I have had some edits back for weeks from a crit partner, and I am at a point where I need to expound on a topic, and I am procrastinating. I’m guilty. Ack! I admit it.

I need a break.

I need to chew on this a bit.

I need to swirl the scenario in the story around in my mind like a fine wine.

Let it stew.

I may even sleep on it. Meanwhile, I’m going to write about why I think aspiring authors should follow their passion in their writing, instead of following what the crowd is doing.

The other thing that got me to thinking about this is from connecting with an aspiring author on Linked In. She is also a photographer, and she has taken some darn good pictures.


Image courtesy of Kim Powell at Photograph_kp

You can see them here.

I believe she is following her bliss as a photographer, and I know she will do very well. As she develops her photography business, perhaps she might consider keeping a journal and this could turn into a book on photography. I don’t know. Here’s what I do know.

When you are joyful while doing something you love, the work flows.

Just as I am painting signs right now for a neighbor. Hey, I’m filling in stenciled letters, but I love it! I am good at it, and I can keep a pretty steady hand. That is what is needed when painting “OPEN HOUSE” on foamboard.

So it’s not a Van Gogh.

It’s still fun.

And when you having fun, the world knows it.

“If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.” – Katharine Hepburn

So, listen up. If you are an aspiring author, and you don’t know what to write about, follow your bliss.  You may want to start journaling to find out if you’ve been stifled in your creativity. Here are the questions you can ask yourself:

  • What makes me happy? (Make a list)
  • What one thing does not feel like work? Pick only one.
  • What do I want to say about this one subject? (Start an outline)

I’m just going to stick with these three questions, because I, myself, work well in three’s.

Three items on the to-do list is not overwhelming.

Three questions should be easy to think about.

Ponder it. Stew on it. Let it rest. Then follow your bliss and begin writing.

“If you have that flame of a dream down inside you somewhere, thank God for it, and do something about it. And don’t let anyone else blow it out.” – Rich DeVos


What is your bliss? What makes you so happy that you just want to write and write and not stop? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Penelope Silvers is founder of PhilosBooks.com, where
“Independent Authors are introduced to the World!”
She is a freelance writer, publisher, and radio host of
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7 Responses to Dip into the Writing Well of your Bliss, Passions, and Talents

  1. Such an uplifting message written here. Finding your bliss is exactly what it’s all about. Using your God given talents, plus loving what you do, you can’t go wrong. Do what you love and just maybe it may turn out to be something. Even if it doesn’t, if it brings you great joy, by all means, carry on!

    • Penelope

      Thanks for commenting, Kim! Your bliss definitely shows in your awesome photography. Keep on finding joy in the God given talents that you’ve been given!

  2. Eureka–that’s what’s wrong with me! I’ve lost my bliss. Now if I can just find it buried under so much trivia, stress and soul killers. I just love your writing style. I feel like we are talking on the phone. We need to do that again or Skype. I miss talking/writing to you. Great post. And I really have lost my bliss–going to put up an ad on Craig’s List to see if anyone’s stolen it or seen it. Because I sure need it back.

    Hugs, Micki

    • Penelope

      Hi Micki! You are so funny. I had to laugh at your post, because I so relate with losing it. That’s why it was so eye-opening to me how joyful I felt when I was painting. I was doing something that I really enjoyed that didn’t suck the life out of me. Sometimes, we have to take a break from all this computer stuff to refresh ourselves. I will say a little prayer for you that you can find your “bliss” again. Let me know what yours is when you find it again! Hugs! 😉

  3. First off, I’d say, you’ve got a lot more bliss than the pope. God bless you, penelope, I did learn a lot from you. Nice job. There’s more of this stuff too at my website http://www.tedgaynes.blogspot.com. I’ll do well to follow your updates.

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