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Penelope’s books are varied in subject matter. Penelope started with her first book You are a Winner! Easy 1,2,3 Sweepstakes and Contests “True Confessions and Inside Secrets of an Admitted Sweep-a-holic” (Easy Sweeps and Contests) then Penelope’s next book jumped over to Body Revolution Solution – My 30 Minute Daily Journey dealing with her own personal journey to get and stay fit. Penelope’s book journey took a sudden turn, although the subject stayed in line with health issues as Penelope’s book  Put the PAUSE in Your Menopause – A Sensible No-Nonsense Approach to Relieving Your Symptoms (Body Revolution Series)  was honest and forthright in sharing how she was dealing with issues each and every woman faces as she enters into her fashionable mature years. Penelope’s books continued as her Body Revolution Solution – My 30 Minute Journey #2 (Body Revolution Series) was published, a continuation of her own personal journey to stay healthy. Off the beaten path of the above subjects came a book for the young and adventuresome at heart, with Penelope’s book, “ Skippy Dinosaur ABC Word Scramble Brain Games – Increase Knowledge and Spelling Skills! (PhilosBooks Brain Games)

Coming in August, Penelope’s books continue to be published with the final continuation of the Body Revolution series, Body Revolution Solution – My 30 Minute Journey #3 (Body Revolution Series) , along with her journey into Flash Fiction and a romance novel coming in the fall. All of the books are being published exclusively on and provide a treasure trove of information.

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Penelope Silvers



Now Available

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Penelope Silvers


Penelope has taken time in her writing to share not only ideas, but the actual information and real life experience of going through perimeonpause. Information like this is invaluable both to women and their MEN.

Changes are difficult enough in life without your body’s alarms going off at the same time. No, you aren’t going crazy…it’s your body making its changes for your retirement days, so you can enjoy them. This book doesn’t have just ideas, but real life experiences and helps you arise above those changes that you are going through– or will be going through. A great value for your well being.

Put the PAUSE in Your Menopause – A Sensible No-Nonsense Approach to Relieving Your Symptoms (Body Revolution Series)



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My name is Penelope and I am a sweep-a-holic.

I’m sure it started way back in my grade school days when I wrote a short essay for a contest off the Kellogg’s cereal box to win a bike. When that 18-wheeler semi truck pulled up on the street in front of my house, and the driver pulled out the most beautiful, golden banana-seat bike, with red and white tassles dangling from the handlebars, I was hooked.

What a rush that was for a kid like me living in a small, midwestern town!

I started entering loads of contests after that day. Most contests back when I was a kid in the 70’s (whoops, gave away my age!) were a lot more difficult to enter than they are today. Usually they were on the cereal box and you had to cut out entry forms that you had to mail. The directions were very specific, and you had better follow them to a “t”! There are still contests to this day that you must write essays and follow directions to a “t”, but there are so many online contests and sweepstakes that are EZ PZ to enter. 

Can anybody do this? Yes! Can anybody win? Yes again!

I will go into detail on the many ways to enter contests and sweepstakes. What to look for and what to stay away from! I will also include some insider tips from my years of sweeping, to help you get started much faster in your new hobby.

Have I won better prizes than the bike? Yes, I have and I’ll talk about them throughout this little book.

My goal is to get you excited and give you the tools necessary to be a multiple contest or sweepstakes winner and win! Just as I have done.


If you would be so kind, please click on my book covers above to go to Amazon and give the author page a “Like” for me. I would really appreciate it. If you decide to purchase, please leave me a review! I am currently working on several others that will be published soon.



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