Featured books is an every week activity for PhilosBooks. We want each guest to our home to know we have spent the time to not only suggest but we have spent the time to read the books we suggest. Many times the books we feature will also be on a special for a short time and want you to be able to take advantage of that special. Make certain to link to our weekly featured book by signing up for our weekly featured book release so you or a friend may take that opportunity to get a wonderful book at the featured price of the week.

Dr. Colleen Trombley-VanHoogstraat

“The 7 Essential Keys to Shedding Toxic Fat and Unwanted

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Penelope Silvers


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 Body Revolution Solution – My 30 Minute Daily Journey  


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Penelope has taken time in her writing to share not only ideas, but the actual information and real life experience of going through perimeonpause. Information like this is invaluable both to women and their MEN.

Changes are difficult enough in life without your body’s alarms going off at the same time.  No, you aren’t going crazy…it’s your body making its changes for your retirement days, so you can enjoy them. This book doesn’t have just ideas, but real life experiences and helps you arise above those changes that you are going through– or will be going through. A great value for your well being.

Put the PAUSE in Your Menopause – A Sensible No-Nonsense Approach to Relieving Your Symptoms (Body Revolution Series)  ******************************************




Each month as we at Philosbooks continue to bring books to you we have read and reviewed…we also want to share with you some of these books you can pass on to your family and friends.  This month our FEATURED Book Give-Away is,‘Blinded by Good Intentions’ by author Steve White

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  1. Blinded By Good Intentions by Steve White sounds like a wonderful book and one I’d enjoy. I enjoyed your insight and review of his work and found it helpful in deciding to definitely add his story to my eading list.

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