Embed Your YouTube Videos on Your Own Website to Increase Revenue

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I have seriously been considering putting together some promotional videos for my books. Video, combined with your blog posts, can speak to the people in a way that words alone cannot. Plus, you can make them funny, sad, goofy, or whatever.  Think about your books and their topics, and how you (or a Fiverr.com outsourcer) can create a video to promote these books to the world.


In this Episode, Eli the Computer Guy shows you how to increase the revenue you earn off of YouTube videos by embedding your videos onto your website. This eleven minute video will show you how.


Have fun with it! If you have a computer, you can create a simple video and upload it to You Tube, and also to your website. If you’re not sure how to get started, fret not! Check out all the video gigs listed on Fiverr to get started with your ideas. Soon, you’ll be a video master!


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