Dream It, Do It: How Entrepreneurs Get Creative With Pinterest Marketing

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I have really become fascinated lately by what drives Pinterest, and how it can help ebook sellers promote their books. I have started pinning, and find that I love it! If you want to check out my boards, and follow what I do, click here:




I believe it goes back to kindergarten, when we were instructed to cut pictures out of magazines and paste them in random places on colorful construction paper to make collages. What fun! However, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this seemingly simple child’s play. It can be a very powerful promotional tool. Many use Pinterest to promote their products, and even create boards that they use to run contests straight from their pins.


Keep this in mind: The pictures can link to wherever you choose. When you pin, keep that in mind. You are not only pinning the picture, but also the link. Pinterest is the hottest social media site around, and women are the movers and shakers of this visual media revolution.


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