Deanna Lynn Sletten: Tips for Self-Publishing – Step Three: Formatting Your eBook

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This is a Part 3 of 4 of some great tips on how to self-publish. This post gets into an aspect of self-publishing that turns most authors away for good; that is, formatting your ebook. There is no doubt about it, there is a bit of a learning curve. It can be done, but it may take a lot of trial and error.  Hopefully, this post will give you the confidence you need to dive in and get started on your formatting journey.

 1) STYLE GUIDE – Considered by some to be the best Formatting Guide, you can download Smashwords Style Guide for FREE in PDF or Mobi. (formatting varies a bit for Amazon vs. B&N)

 2) SIMPLIFIED FORMATTING GUIDE – Amazon has their own.

 3) FORMATTING GUIDE – Barnes & Noble and Pubit has a guide in their FAQ’s.

 4) CREATESPACE FORMATTING – You can upload your word document that started with, but you will then need to create page #’s and headings. This takes a little bit of work but once it is done once, you’ll feel like an expert! 

4) KINDLE BOOK GENERATOR – This is ebook formatting software. This is the route that I have taken to format all of my ebooks. I learned how to do the formatting, but found an awesome software that is a cinch to upload my word document, and then it automatically generates all the different file formats to upload to the various publishing platforms. It also has a Photo Storage option to store all of your pictures from all your books. I love it and highly recommend!

 For all 4 platforms, you can use your Word document to begin. First make a copy, then start the formatting. If this part of the process still frustrates you, don’t give up. There are plenty of outsourcers willing to create your ebook for you–for very little.


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