Deanna Lynn Sletten: Tips for Self-Publishing – Step Four: Book Cover & Book Description

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Penelope‘s insight:

I believe I see more questions on this one issue more than any other. How do I make a cover for this wonderful book that I just wrote and want to upload to the Kindle marketplace? This article sews up the loose ends of self-publishing very nicely and gives some great ideas on creating a masterpiece cover and book description that will grab the attention of millions of possible readers.

You can puchase a professional stock photo and add your book title, subtitle, and author name onto it, but are you a graphic designer? Do you have an eye for color, design, layout, and all the elements that make a good cover pop? I know I don’t, and I use the services of a wonderful designer for very little. Check around on Fiverr, Odesk, Elance or Guru. The author recommends Tugboat Design for a professional cover. You have to remember that the readers are scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of covers (small thumbnail pictures) and it had better grab them in 1 or 2 seconds.

The other non-negotiable is to write up a description for your book, that will give the readers a “birds-eye” view of what your book is all about. Don’t slap up a one or two liner and think that’s going to do the trick. What would you be looking for as a reader? Don’t you want to know if the book is going to be worthwhile or totally waste your time?

In summary, take the time to create or outsource a beautiful cover, a captivating description of your book (written in third person if fiction), and you will be on your way to being a successful, published author on Amazon.


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