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Write About your World

One of the first Kindle books I actually bought and paid for was “Rumors of Water–Thoughts on Creativity and Writing” by L.L. Barket. The title does not hint at the valuable nuggets inside this book. This is a book about writing–writing about your world. The lessons are woven right into the stories. The author writes about her experiences in her every day world, which consists of teaching her two daughters at home. Lest you think this would be scarce material to write about, she surprises us. The stories spring from their lives, and the language beautiful. Did you know you can weave a wonderful story around tea and flowers and picking colorful vegetables? It is true.

Each of the book’s seven headings tells part of the story:


The one big take away from this book, is that all of us have a story. Our stories–yours and mine–are stories that need telling, and there are people that need to hear them.

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Better Writing Tips

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer
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Reading Road to Writing

Do you want to be a writer?

If so, you first need to be a reader.

Sound strange? It isn’t. You learn how to write from reading. When I was in first grade, we learned to read from “Dick and Jane”, “Spot and Puff” books. We also learned to write letters, sound them out phonetically, and finally form words that we wrote on our 1-inch lined paper, with a dotted line cutting the space in half. The reading and writing went hand in hand.

As first graders, we read. We wrote.

It is the natural order of things.

When I first began the process of teaching my daughter how to read and write, we used a program called “Writing Road to Reading” by Romalda Spaulding. It was almost like a college level course for a grade schooler in phonetics, reading, and writing. We had to use a program heavy in phonetics since my daughter was partially deaf at the time. She may not have been able to fully hear, but she could see the sounds I was forming on my lips, and the sounds became clear to her as she repeated them and wrote them in her notebook.

When teaching both of my children, we started using a program in grade school that incorporated all facets of language arts together. It just made sense for us. It got extremely tiring having separate reading, spelling, grammar and writing programs.

Life became a lot simpler when I started teaching a program that tied all of those entities together. The name of the program was “Total Language Plus”. It was wonderful. The kids each got to pick out a classic book of their choosing, and a yellow workbook accompanied the book. The lessons were pulled from the book they read. The lessons were reading comprehension, weekly spelling words, grammar, and writing exercises.

My children read, and they wrote.

As an adult, it can sometimes be hard to find time to read. But try to sneak in some time when you can. Read a variety of book genres to expand your mind. I love Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter”, and I’m now reading “House of the 7 Gables”. The language is challenging, to be sure, but I enjoy analyzing the writing of a classic book as I read it. I’m amazed out how much description he goes into to describe even the teensiest little item.

Be a diligent reader to learn how to be a fantastic writer!

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When Do You Become A Writer?

When does a person become a writer?

When they have a published magazine article?

When they write a best-selling novel?

When they are known by millions everywhere they go?


A person becomes a writer when they write! It is as simple as that. A plumber plumbs. A salesman sells. A seamstress sews.

And a writer writes.

How do you become better at any craft that you set your mind to doing?

Just do it. And do more of it. And a little more. Practice makes well……

We’re not looking for perfection. We are looking for consistency. Write, and write some more. What books do you like to read and why? Read the works of people who are successful, and seek out the experts. People who know how to write. Writers who are successful.

Learn from the teachers. Be the student again.

You are always on the path of learning–or should be. I am happiest when I am learning something new. Don’t have time? Make yourself up a schedule for each day. Write 3 new things down on your schedule that you want to learn about. If it is writing, learn new things each day about how to do your craft. Be the best at everything you aspire to. The more you practice, the better you will get.

Doctors are practicing medicine.

Lawyers are practicing law.

Writers are practicing writing.

Thousands have gone before you and were successful. What will you do with this one precious life that God gave you?

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