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Random House’s ebook-only imprints have come under fire for having predatory and abusive contract terms.

Penelope‘s insight:


Another great case made for self-publishing: YOU RETAIN CONTROL and PROFITS and the KNOWLEDGE of the ANALYTICS of your book. Sure, your book may be sitting out on Amazon, or Smashwords, or the i-bookstore, but you can pull it at any time and put it on your own website for sales.

I have heard the same story time and again from friends who have had their books published by one of the big publishers. They sign a contract, which pretty much signs away their rights. They pay out thousands and thousands of dollars for what? The book is published, but that didn’t include any promotion. These authors are kept in the dark about the number of sales, they don’t see royalties, and they are being treated as if they absolutely have no right to know how their books are doing. They are frustrated and discouraged.

Personally, I will stick to self-publishing and my books will remain my sole property.

 ***This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Writing for Kindle”***

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