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PhilosBooks is a place for unknown or known authors to call home–even if all they have is an idea for a title.  PhilosBooks helps the authors with advice, services, and encouragement to go the distance to accomplish the dream they initially pondered. Take some time to get acquainted with the books we have written, as well as the books of authors we have introduced through radio interviews, on their journey from idea to accomplished product.

PhilosBooks started out as a location to publish and promote our personal books. Little did we realize the problems that faced so many who had gone out and paid big dollars  to have printed books, to find their print publishers left them to fend for themselves. The stories abound with so many who know little to nothing how or why their books are not selling. When inquiring of their publishers, they get a roundabout story or, “you’ll be receiving your quarterly updates soon” only to be disappointed and bewildered about the whole process.

Philosbooks believes you need to know and should be able to participate in your sales process. When you see what is happening on a daily basis, then you can allow the book profits to come back to the person who spent the time writing it…that person is you. Philos -pronounced (fee-lahs) is the Greek word for love, so this site is for the love of the book and all of those who write them. If you need help in deciding how to publish and promote your book, contact us at publishing@philosbooks.com and we will sit down with you and discusss how we can empower you to become a successful published author.


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21 Responses to Home

  1. Good morning 🙂

    What a wonderful place you have here, a lil’ something for everyone ( lots of insights and resources too–cheers!)

  2. Very interesting-I have friends who are published authors.
    My sister in Sarasota is married to Michael Pink…author of several great books.
    I thought…as a young girl I would surely grow up to become a great writer, my parents had other things in mind for me…so, I became a teacher, still love to write, and books are my best friends.

    I look forward to our friendship.

    • Hi Bea, Great to see you here! It was wonderful chatting with you, and I made a visit over to your wonderful website. There are some wonderful things over there to learn about growing and enjoying our food. 🙂

  3. What a great book tstore you have here. I especially like the easy availability and clearly defined areas of interest. It’s not a site one would ever get lost in, not even me. I’ll definitely be checking back here.

  4. Good Stuff! Thanks for the headsup!

  5. Hi, I just found you on the Fan Page Challenge and then read through some of your posts. I didn’t know about Scoop It. I shared your info in some groups.

    • Thanks, Maryann! I truly love Scoop.it and I can’t sing its praises highly enough! The platform is a fantastic way to bring attention to you and your business.

  6. Charles Frankhauser

    Hi Penelope, I just located your site here, and to my amazement I marvel at the diversity of activities in regard to helping authors (they say I’m one) that you are involved with (not supposed to end sentence with prep. but so what). I just want to thank you again for the posts on Pinterest etc. that have helped my books. I am a socially backwards media participant, as you know. I go onto Shelfari and make comments and follow all kinds of folks. Hope things are going well for you. I’m always timid about getting flagged for self-promotion and that attitude puzzles me because so many authors sneak stuff into the SPAM category and the category seems to enrage a few people. I guess they don’t watch TV commercials? I was on an overseas site awhile back where English speakers were in a discussion forum and I mentioned one of my titles. Well, they banded together to ban me from the site (only among themselves–nothing official) and then they continued to use the site as a chat room among themselves throwing-in mentions of a few book titles now and then to remotely comply with the thread. I don’t go to that site anymore. I have written by last work because essentially few readers have read my previous works. This title is my best IMO because it’s for All Age Readers (a few definitions from older readers may be needed to help very young readers be amused with a tame story) and the goal is to entertain older readers with complex character developments. Of course, it’s humor/parody on the life of Captain Alberto Dicer of the pirate ship El Dreadful– it’s based on historical locales and history along the coast of Florida during the era of the Spanish Treasure Fleet. Best regards, Charles (Oh, title is Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas)

    • Penelope

      Hello there Charles from Shelfari! I’m so glad you stopped by, and you may promote away here and not worry about getting banned. I appreciate your comments and happy I was able to assist you in some small way. You are not as socially backwards on social media as you think. Looking forward to seeing your new books in 2014.

  7. Charles Frankhauser

    Hi Penelope, Thanks for reply to my post. Yesterday I received an email from an old USNA classmate that read and liked my works. I previously mentioned to him words to the effect of my writing career being over because I didn’t have anymore stories to tell. In an attempt to encourage me, he forwarded a link to a WSJ article entitled, “Fast-Paced Best Seller: Author Russell Blake Thrives on Volumes.” The article presents Mr. Blake’s authorship endeavors that allowed him to produce 25 books in 30 months. During the holidays many of my classmates (the ones still alive) send letters ranging from “Happy Holidays” messages to their travel adventures including “How did you publish on Amazon inquiries” because I encouraged them to write their own stories ranging from varied experiences that I know are out of the ordinary. I try to point them in helpful directions. It seems that most of them liked reading Atlantic City Nazi because it is a thriller and evidently they thrive on thrills having experienced so many of them in real life (Hindenburg mystery at the ending). That’s all for now. Oh, I just finished reading George Washington’s Secret Six; it is a wonderful work and deserves its high ranking. Charles

  8. Charles Frankhauser

    Hi Penelope, I just finished surfing around on your various sites. I must compliment you on your diverse and truly amazing mastery of social media. I am still in the Stone Age of social media but (not to worry) I feel comfortable knowing that so much buzz is going on in the airways even as I walk my dog. Soon, I think an inventor will come to market with an eyeglass product that can flip internet pages with just a blink of an eye. I have never put my Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas on Free and am thinking about it. It’s important to reach readers that need some humor in their lives. By the way, there is a little blue bird that flies all over the place on the site and stops to look at me. Stay strong. Charles

    • Penelope

      Hi Charles, Ha! You made me laugh with the buzzing comment as you are walking your dog. You are absolutely correct about social media–it never stops–and sometimes we must pull ourselves away for a time to regain our sanity. Enjoy your dog, your writing, and keep your wonderful sense of humor. Glad you like the bird. She is for the readers who get bored and like to multi-task. 😉

  9. I am in the midst of reading the Steven White book. I keep setting it down, but then I have to keep picking it up and reading another chapter or so. I ordered this book from a link I found here, and I am finding it quite interesting although I am not much of a reader. In fact, a book really has to grab me in order for me to read it. So obviously it did or I wouldn’t keep reading. I am hoping to learn new ways of looking at life with this book. Thank you for this site and all the links and help you provide people. I just love you Penelope. Hope we talk soon.
    Sharon from Indiana

    • Penelope

      Well, hello there Sharon! I’m so glad you stopped by and that you are enjoying Steve’s book. It’s really an eye opener, and life changer and one that everyone should read. Love you, too, and we will talk very soon! 🙂

  10. Charles Frankhauser

    Hi Penelope, I joined Linkedin awhile back to hopefully interest Hollywood animators in working with me on a screenplay for Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas, G-rated historical humor ( I’m likely alone in that genre). Well, people that contacted me were encouraging but their schedules were full. One bit of advice was to the effect, “don’t even try to write a screenplay without researching (they gave me directions). ” OK, I did my research. I have my screenplay open for Public reads on Amazon Studios site. The genres are Thriller and Suspense plus listed under Action and Adventure. It’s 120 pages if you are interested in reading it–it’s FREE to the public for reads. A click on the small “PDF” box will open it on your computer, Title: Atlantic City Nazi. A direct link follows: http://studios.amazon.com/projects/52591#contributions/69890

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  12. Wow, we have been looking for you everywhere. Left messages in facebook etc.
    After this weekend Living with Fibromyalgia Patients will be in print! Thank you for having us on the radio. We wanted your permission to use your quote on the backmatter.

  13. Charles Frankhauser

    Hi Penelope, I have my popular novella on Kindle Free 18-20 Nov. 2016. The title is Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas, and the genre is humor laced with romance suitable for all age readers, action, adventure, cooking, actual pirate sailing tactics, actual locales, and a surprise ending that might happen in today’s world as well. Here is a link redirect to Kindle page. https://lrd.to/last-pirate-at-fort-matanzas/

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