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15 Common Grammar Mistakes – Writing and Editing

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Penelope‘s insight:

This fun and informative infographic sums up several of my pet peeves. If you are going to write–then please learn proper grammar! When I am reading and encounter glaring grammatical errors, I just close up the book and put it away.

 It does take some practice, but this very important part of writing can be accomplished. If I see one more YOUR for YOU’RE or  IT’S for ITS, I think I will just scream!

This graphic can be printed out and tacked up on your wall for easy viewing and consulting while writing. Enjoy!

***This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Writing Rightly”***

 Link to the original infographic: http://writerswrite1.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/15-common-grammar-mistakes/


See on writerswrite1.wordpress.com

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