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How to browse the Kindle Lending Library on your PC | PCWorld

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Your Amazon Prime membership entitles you to one free book per month.

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If you or someone you know is trying to check out a book on the Kindle Lending Library, you may become totally frustrated with the hoops you have to jump through, and chuck the whole idea before you check out even one book. When you become a member of Amazon’s Prime Program for $79/yr, they allow you check out one free book per month. How in the world do you find a book from over 300,000 available?

 Here are the exact steps you can use yourself or (be a friend) direct someone else who is ready to tear their hair out from the process:

 1. Head to http://Amazon.com.

 2. Locate the left edge of the search bar, click little arrow next to “All”, then click “Books”.

 3. Now click “Go”.

 4. Scroll down until you see Amazon Prime in the lefthand toolbar. Click the “Prime Eligible” box.

 5. In the following page, in the Format area, click the header marked “Kindle Edition”.

 At this point you are finally able to view every single book Amazon allows you to check out as part of your prime membership. You’ve got 6 sorting options, and may want to view “Most Reviews” for best results. Amazon has their act together in most places, but they may want to tweak the steps for their customers in this area.


*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Writing for Kindle”*****

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9 Tips to Romance Your Audience on Social Media

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Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of this day of love, I wanted to share some foolproof tips on how to romance your audience. Enjoy!


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Hey! You don’t have to be a romance writer to romance your audience on social media. This excellent post shares 9 tips to engage and woo your readers.  I’ll share a few with you today, albeit the day after Valentine’s Day.

 1) Share your FEELINGS – your readers want to know what you think and are on the lookout for more things from their favorite author!

 2) Show INTEREST in your audience – ask them what they want to read! They will be more than happy to tell you.

 3) Learn to LISTEN – Once you ask them what they are clamoring for, then gear your writing to appeal to them.

 4) Say “I LOVE YOU!” –  Tell them how important they are to you, and how much you appreciate them reading your work.

It’s like any relationship–it takes time to nurture, and it takes interaction. Be there for your readers, as they are for you, and reach out to them. They’ll love you even more for it! 🙂


*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Ebook Promotion and Marketing”*****

 Link to the original article: http://kimgarst.com/9-tips-to-romance-your-audience-on-social-media

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Dean Koontz: How to Write a Bestselling Novel – Beliefnet.com

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Direct from the keyboard of bestselling author Dean Koontz, here are seven tips for penning a masterpiece.


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We all pause with bated breath awaiting wise words from one of the Masters of writing–Dean Koontz. He gives us just 7 tips on how to write a bestselling novel!

I think what surprised me the most? He hit the bestseller list as soon as he stopped writing outlines. Huh? The sacred and sacrosanct precept for writers everywhere. With Strangers, he started with nothing more than a couple of characters he thought he would like and with a premise. 

He also suffers from the dreaded doubt when he sits down at the computer. He uses this to his advantage by revising page by page, until the action flows more smoothly and crackles with tension.

He tells us to dare to love the language, if minimum prose feels flat to you. Some readers won’t get it; many will not only get it but delight in it. And above all, do what feels right to you. What may work for one writer may not work for another. Alleluia!


*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Writing Rightly”*****

 Link to the original article and the full 7 tips: http://www.beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Galleries/koontz-7-bestseller-tips.aspx?b=1&goback=%2Egde_2215425_member_211728529

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