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Book Review – Corruption is Rampant on “The Road”

 The Road

by Clive West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My interview with author Clive West is posted on the blog under “Author Interviews”.  Here’s my review of the book:

This seemingly innocent road project is rife with greed, corruption, intrigue, and downright sleeziness. What makes this book chilling is the fact that these kinds of underhanded deals are being carried out around us every day, as we blindly go about our everyday lives. People are way too trusting of their government leaders, and think that everything they do is “for the people” and “above board”. Not so.

You will get a taste of the seedy side and the underbelly of what REALLY goes on in your community, state, country, and in your world. The author has created a cast of characters that we love to hate, while we root for sweet justice to right all of the wrongs that have been perpetrated.

“The Road” will keep you guessing until the very last page. What you think will happen, may or may not–and this book keeps you riveted until the shocking end.

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