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Jack Kerouac’s 30 Revelations for Writing Modern Prose | Open …

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Jack Kerouac is the patron saint of every starry-eyed, born-too-late, wanderlusty hipster scribe who falls in love with the poetry and visionary power of their.


Penelope‘s insight:

Was Jack Kerouac the patron saint of writing? Could even a saint have used a good edit now and again?

 Despite his aversion to tidiness, Kerouac, like almost every writer, made lists; one in particular is thirty guidelines he called “Belief & Technique for Modern Prose”.  This article highlights ten of them.

 Writers–don’t take this list to heart, and think you must follow them to write. Each of us has our own style and must follow our own path. These guidlines are more for a chuckle than advice to dive into for your own writing. Stay true to your own voice.

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4 Reasons Why your Facebook Page Sucks | Jeffbullas’s Blog

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It has been one year since you launched your Facebook page and you still have very low number of likes but most importantly none of your fans is talking about your brand. The reality?


Penelope‘s insight:

Want to use Facebook to promote your books? It better have content to draw people in! I love this post by Jeff Bullas, which gives us some great strategies that we use NOW. Why does your Facebook page suck? Maybe you have a problem in 1 of 4 areas:

 1) No social media strategy (What is the goal of your page?)

 2) No updated content (No new posts, no new visitors)

 3) Your content is boring (Yawn…. Be Creative!)

 4) You do not post any photos (People love pictures they can repost – ‘Nuff said!)

 Pick one or more of these tips and take your Facebook page from suck to Super!


*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on “Ebook Promotion and Marketing”*****

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