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You’re Invited to the Pinterest Party!

I’m a little kid again.

In my mind, I’m back at the long table in Mrs. Morrissey’s kindergarten class, and the colored sheets of construction paper are being passed around, along with various magazines, blunt scissors and Elmer’s glue. I flip through page after page until I land upon wild nature scenes that strike my fancy, striped and fuzzy kittens, bright colored gingerbread houses, or desired toys. I feverishly cut, paste and slap those pictures onto the purple construction paper to overlap and create a beautiful, colorful collage. Once various circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles have been cut out, glued on, and fill the paper to its very edges, I lean back in my small wooden chair. I hold up my masterpiece with my chubby little hands, and let out a satisfied sigh. Another day of hard work for a six-year-old.

Now, 40 something years later, welcome to Pinterest–collage-making for adults. Since my adulthood, it has been several decades since I have been this excited about something. Pinterest has given me back my right creative brain. When I am pinning, I get a rush, not unlike the one I had when I opened up that box of 64-colors of Crayola crayons in first grade. I anticipate the satisfaction of creating something truly unique in my daily Pinterest boards. My right, creative brain is just on overdrive right now and my left, logical brain is sitting in the waiting room. I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning and could not sleep. Oh, the possibilities! I can make collages daily and I am not wasting time! Oh, for joy!

If there is any truth to the left-brain, right-brain theory then Pinterest, disguised as social media, is doing a darn good job of tapping into my dormant right.

The Right Brain

According to the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Some of the abilities that are popularly associated with the right side of the brain include: Recognizing faces, expressing emotions, music, reading emotions, color, images, intuition, and creativity.

The question is: how can you use Pinterest in this social media crazy world for your business? Here are a few ideas you can grab onto right now:

1) Make boards showcasing your books, products, or business.

For example, if you are an author, you could create one board specifically for “Books Worth Reading”. Keep this board at the top of the page, and showcase the most colorful book as the cover. If you are selling the books, grab your pin from the location where the book is for sale. The “picture” then becomes a link.

If you sell a product, get a great picture of the product or products, and create a board called “Products I love”. Again, set the cover to the most colorful picture. Grab the “pin” from the website where the products are sold. That picture is now your link.

2) Make some fun boards showcasing things you like.

Don’t forget to also create some fun pins to go along with the business pins. Think animals, nature, home decorating, beauty, or food. Pay attention to what boards people are following, and find more pictures to add to your “fun” boards. Mix them up to showcase lots of fun and lots of color. Go crazy with it! Be a six-year-old again.

For your own ideas, check out my Pinterest boards, http://pinterest.com/philosbooks/ and follow a few that you like. Pretty soon, you’ll be an expert pinner at the Pinterest party, too! We’re adults now, but why not have fun at the same time? :mrgreen:

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