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Self Publishing – POD Book Publishing – A Study on the Numbers

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How much money can you expect to make by going solo in the world of self-publishing? Here are some facts and figures that should make you take pause–a comprehensive study on self publishing vs. other options, which has finally become a financially viable and respectable option for book writers.


Summed up in this incredible infographic will show you in mere minutes:


1) The Traditional Way vs. The New Way


2) Printing and Distibution Costs


3) Print on Demand Case Study: Non-Fiction


4) Self Publishing vs. Typical Book Deals


5) Famous Self-Published Authors


6) E-books Case Study: Fiction


7) Growth of E-book sales


8) A Quirk in the Figures


Over the next 3 years alone, e-book sales are estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 72% to reach nearly $2.7 billion U.S. by 2013. Think you can put on your writing cap and grab a piece of this pie?


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