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Endings that Ruin Your Novel | Live Write Thrive

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Writers! Make sure your endings match up with the beginning and middle of your story. Insights, inspiration, and practical advice for writers…
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10 things to think about before you publish.

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Converting the PDF of your print ready book to Kindle is not expensive. So if you are going to produce a physical book it is a no-brainer to do it for Kindle, too.
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The Ridiculously Inexpensive Magic Of Direct Mail Letters! – Forbes

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Think about creative ways you can use direct mail to promote your books. No–snail mail is not dead!  It can’t hurt to try a letter or two every now and then. It doesn’t cost a heck of a lot. In fact, your biggest expense might be the cost of hiring a really good direct mail writer. If you can get a letter to click with a test audience, you’ll have found a potential silver mine that can pay off nicely when you roll it out to larger audiences.


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